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Man I hate to be such a poot but today I got into some unexpected house rent trouble which had left me penniless and might drag on for the next few months, where I was just informed that I’ve paid to the WRONG person and I needed to pay my house rent to our NEWlandlord. Not only I am broke as heck, but our new house landlord is strict and demanded that I should still pay my house rent to her this month! 

Because of my scholarship, I am not allowed to work in the UK to gain extra money (it’s ridiculous, I know, something about “students need more studying time” ugh) and I am only given a small allowance each month that I could barely survive on (my house rent is like 4/5 of my allowance). I don’t rely on my family for financial support because they are also struggling on money, and until I get back to the UK, I can’t do anything to fix this problem and re-claim my rent money from the previous owner and I really, REALLY don’t want to lose my only affordable place to live at where I’m studying! orz why is it so hard to be a poor art student in a coincidentally rich-people-only city

So this is where I need your help - even if it’s just signal boosting, it’s fine! 

Here’s some basic info on the commishes:

  • They’re prices set for waist each
  • I can also do chibis (which can be full body for £8)
  • I’ll do anything except for gore or nsfw 
  • I’m more towards drawing/painting female characters so you’ll know what to expect
  • Please let me know if you want something else + other details 
  • I only accept GBP through Paypal
  • You can check out my art blog for more samples!!!
  • If you’d like to donate, you can do so through my Paypal (or my donate button on my blogs) - every little amount helps! ; v ; 

Thank you so much for checking this post out, and please help signal boost the heckie out of this! QuQ /cries at a corner now


when u draw somethin really good outa no where like


wtf where did that come from hand? ?? ?


when there is a full version to an anime opening/ending



it’s so frustrating when your fic ideas are bigger than your writing abilities 



when you mad at friend


when friend you mad at makes you laugh


why is this so accurate

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people who try to befriend artists for free art


Art theft alert!


So this guy, stole this art from zombiegirl01 and is now selling shirts with it.
I am positive the other arts on his shirts are stolen as well!

I can’t play Tomb Raider for long periods of time because it makes me angry


Junes must have shit security if not one person watching the cameras has ever reported 7 high school students and a mascot going into and stumbling out of a tv in the electronics department.


Alright, Mike, you need to leave.

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shout out to all the people still following me even though im a fucking idiot


major turn ons : good animation



season 1 episode 1: lee’s handcuffed and on his way to prison

season 1 episode 5: lee ends his journey handcuffed

season 2 episode 1: clem gets bitten by a dog

seaon 2 episode 5: i don’t even wanna say it




*hears a song* This is it. this is my theme song. if there were ever a song that would be my theme song, that would completely and entirely describe the essence of Me without leaving anything out and cutting any corners, it would be this song.
*hears another song* this is it. this is my theme song. if there were ever a song that would be my theme song, that would completely and entirely descri